All bus lines offer rides at a flat rate, except for Late Night Buses.

Bus stop with roof
Bus Type Adult Fare Child Fare
General / Key Route Bus 210 100
Late Night Bus 420 200

How to Ride

(1) Please board from the front door and pay the fare as you get on.
The fare may be paid in cash, regular ticket, or by Manaca.

(2) When you wish to get off the bus, please notify the driver in advance by pressing one of the stop buttons located throughout the bus.
Once the bus has stopped, please exit from the rear door.
※The bus may pass bus stops without stopping if no one is getting off or waiting to get on.
※Key Route No. 2 Buses are boarded from the rear. Please pay the fare before exiting the bus from the front door.

Fare box

Type of Buses

  • General Bus

    General Bus

  • Key Route Bus

    Key Route Bus

  • City Center Loop Bus

    City Center Loop Bus

  • Local Circuit Bus

    Local Circuit Bus

Local Circuit Bus

Local circuit buses, as a new service in the local areas of the city, travel along their respective circuits, stopping at places for riders’ daily needs, such as ward or branch offices, hospitals, shopping streets, subway stations, and other locations.

Local Circuit Bus Stop


1 line per ward (Kita, Nishi, Nakagawa, Minato, Moriyama, and Midori Wards have two lines)


・Once every hour from 9am~4pm
・There are bus stops for the local circuit bus roughly every 250 meters.
・Local circuit buses are mainly subcompact buses(Regular buses do not stop at the circuit loop bus stops.)


¥210 (¥100 for children)

Late Night Bus

  • Time table

    Time table

  • Late Night Bus

    Late Night Bus


・Route No. 1 (Sakae - Fujigaoka)
・Route No. 2 (Sakae - Chikatetsu Takabata)


Late night, Monday through Friday (buses do not run on holidays, and during the year end/new year period)


¥420 (¥200 for children)
(bus fare is reduced to half price with the use of a com‐muter pass for the traveled area, or with a 1 day ticket)

Yutorito Line (Guideway Bus Shidami Line)

With service between Ozone and Kozoji in Nagoya’s northeast region, the Guideway Bus runs along a dual-mode route. Part of the route is on an elevated track and the other part is at street level.
(Please refer to the Train Rout Map for the location of the Yutorito Line.)

Yutorito Line
Discount for connecting rides to and from areas along the elevated track and areas at street level (¥)
Area (in which one boarded or exited the bus) Adult Child
1.Shirasawa Keikoku-Ryusenji 140 70
2.Kawamiya-Kikko - guchi(excluding 1) 60 30
3.Other areas (excluding 1 and 2) 20 10