About the C-758 Line

The C-758 line runs from after 9:00 am to before 8:00 pm. During the day it departs from Nagoya Station at 10-minute intervals, following a route that returns to Nagoya Station via the Sakae and Osu areas, and can also be used for sightseeing. To ensure easy use by visitors from overseas as well, it has the following features:

Line Name

- A hyphen ("-") is placed between "C" and "758."
- The name is read "c seven five eight" in English.
- The "C" is taken from "City Center Loop Bus."

Establishment of a New Logo and Its Placement at Bus Stops and on Buses

Along with establishing a new logo for the C-758 line, the logo has been used at the stops visited by the buses and on the buses.


Use of Numbering for Bus Stops

The stops visited by the buses have been given sequential "C" numbers starting from the departure point at Nagoya Station.

Bus Stops

On-board Announcements via LCD Panels

Each bus is installed with two on-board LCD panels that display text announcements in English, Korean, simplified Chinese, and traditional Chinese in addition to Japanese.

  • Illustration of installed panel

    Illustration of installed panel

  • Illustration of panel screen

    Illustration of panel screen

Free Wi-Fi on Buses

Buses are installed with equipment that makes free Wi-Fi available for accessing the Internet.

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